Three Steps to Outline Your Novel

Outlining your new story can be hard. Follow my three steps for an easy, breezy novel outline!

Have you heard the NaNo buzz this week?? It may seem early, but NaNoWriMo is just around the corner and for all you planners out there, this post is for you! Today, we’re talking outlines!!

(Pantsers…please don’t run away. I promise this will help you too!)

Writing an outline is a very personal experience. They can be bare bones with a simple list of events, character names, and places, or they can be in-depth studies on motives, reactions, subplots, character relationships, etc. Whatever and however you write your outlines (and even if you never use them after writing them!), they’re a fantastic tool to get you familiar with your novel. Continue Reading

Create Your Space: Make Your Writing Space a Retreat

Your writing space can effect your productivity and creativity. Click through to see my three steps to create the best writing retreat to get you writing!

I don’t know about you, but I’m a huge neat freak when it comes to the spaces I work in. My kitchen has to be sparkling, my desk has to be impeccably organized, otherwise I just can’t get anything done. You too??

However, I can’t spend hours cleaning my kitchen or organizing my desk every time I sit down to write, so I try my darndest (is that a word? We’ll go with it!) to keep things organized so I don’t have to reinvent the wheel each writing session.

A few months ago I carved out a chunk of time to really make my writing space a special retreat where I could sit and work without too many distractions or frustrations.

And guys, it revolutionized my work ethic. Continue Reading

Managing Your Writing Time

Click through to read my top four tips to help you make the most of your writing time. Manage your time for a more productive and worthwhile writing session!

I talk a lot about getting writing. If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time, you could probably say my motto is “Get Writing!”. I normally tell you that this is a simple task: ass in chair, fingers on keyboard. That the hardest part is just starting. That once you can sit down and envision how it’ll feel to be done, things flow easier.

But. Butbutbutbut.

There are special tricks you can do to make your writing practice more worthwhile and productive, every time you sit down to crank out a bit more work. You can still sit down and put your butt in your chair and your fingers on the keyboard and not produce anything worthwhile, so it’s your job to make the most of your writing time. Continue Reading

Why You Need to Back Up Your Work

You could lose your next novel in a heartbeat. Back up your work for peace of mind! Clock through for my reasons to backup everything and the best tools to do so!

It seems like a fairly obvious point but I can’t tell you how many people I know (even writers or bloggers who make their living with what they type!!) who don’t back things up or have a plan in place if their computer crashes. And guys it’s scary.

We live in the age of the cloud. Everything can be stored, accessed, and reaccessed within the cloud. Its limitless amount of space allows us to store all our details, from our favorite books to our tax info to our cherished family photos to be accessed by us or by anyone we share with at almost any time.

But here’s the clincher: not everyone uses the cloud, or even backs up their lists of favorite books or tax documents or family photos going back two generations.

And imagine the horror and pain that would ensue if you tried to turn your computer on and found all of those important things to be…gone? Continue Reading

September Writing Prompts

Writing and story prompts to get your writing this month! Creative ideas to help you write.

On the first Monday of every month, I create a few writing prompts to help you get writing! You’ll see them here each month and on Instagram @thelexiconwritingblog every Monday.


Happy September and Happy Labor Day! There are four Monday’s in September which means…four writing prompts! I just love the back-to-school season, even though I myself am not going back to school. It’s like New Years…there’s a chance to refresh, refocus, and redirect for the rest of the year. Continue Reading