10 Ways to Boost Your Productivity Right Now!

GET WRITING with these ten tips to boost your productivity and get you writing FAST.

I’m coming to you today with a rapid-fire post! Here are ten quick and easy ways to boost your productivity!

1 – Turn off notifications (from your phone, your iPad, your computer, etc) – we all know the lights and pings and rings are completely distracting. Set yourself up for success and turn them off!

2 – Turn off the wifi – see above. Facebook, games, etc. do NOTHING for your productivity. Treat your writing time as sacred and don’t let who-broke-up-with-who into that time!

3 – Create a starting ritual (know what you’ll drink, have a writing playlist, etc). Know what you need before you start. Whether it’s a good playlist, a glass of water, a trip to the bathroom. Get it done BEFORE you sit down to write. That way you won’t have to stop a train of thought to answer nature’s call or skip a song.

4 – Set a timer (Pomodoro technique, twenty minutes, five-minute break, etc.). You’re racing yourself, so you’ll want to write fast. Not only does this guarantee you a break in a fixed amount of time, but it gets you writing! It doesn’t matter if you write Shakespeare in that twenty minutes, just write.

5 – Reward yourself (a cup of tea, a snack, a youtube video, a cuddle with your cat, stickers, a new pen, a new notebook, etc). Ah, I love this one. If there is a video I want to watch, or a snack I want to have or even just a quick round of Disney Emoji Blitz on my phone, I get through what I’m currently working on and reward myself for a finished project. It feels so much better!

6 – Race yourself. That timer I mentioned earlier? If you write a record-breaking number of words, write it down! Put it somewhere you can see it and aspire to the goal of beating your own personal best! Again, you’re not creating the best writing the world has ever known, BUT you’re writing! Editing can always happen later.

7 – Put pressure on yourself. Lots of people work best under pressure. If that’s you, then start writing close to a deadline: when you need to leave for work, when you need to pick up the kids. Try to write as much as you can while dinner is in the oven.

8 – Type to a song (see how much you can type in one song then play the song again and speed edit, then play it twice in a row to dig deep and edit intensely). Seriously. This really works. Especially if you use soundtracks with really epic music…Hans Zimmer anyone??

9 –  Use writing as part of your morning or evening ritual (spend five minutes writing either when you wake up or when you go to sleep). If you incorporate a little bit of writing every morning and/or evening, you’ll have a short story finished by the end of the week. You don’t have to think too hard, you don’t have to commit to intense scenes. You can focus on getting the story out on paper, then edit it during the next week to really sand down the edges.

10 – When in doubt, read an inspiring quote and write like Dickens! There’s nothing quite like reading an inspiring quote from your writing role model to light a fire under your ass.

Get Writing!



Alexis Truitt

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