5 Ways to Knock Out Distractions for Good

Knock out distractions and stay focused with these quick and easy tips that will help you get writing and stay writing.

Guys even as I’m writing this I’m getting distracted…by my cat. He has his own little perch right by my desk and he’s curled up there being adorable and sweet. Can you relate?

You can read literally a thousand articles on how we are so much more distracted. Our phones are pinging, your iPads are lighting up, the TV’s are on, and there’s generally music playing (at least in my home). And writing with all that ish is DISTRACTING.

Which, as well all know, can be one of the scariest things a writer can encounter. Because if you get too distracted, there goes your writing time. There goes your productivity and there goes feeling accomplished for the day.

BUT! There are ways to cut down the distractions. Some things (like adorable cats) are unavoidable, but other things (like your pinging cell phone or too much stimulation) can be paused, held, blocked off, or eliminated so you can get writing.

Here’s a rapid-fire post with five great ways to knock out distractions so you can get writing, and stay writing.


  1. Close the door. I know it seems so simple, but if you have a home office, a bedroom, a dorm room, even the hall closet, shut the door. That visual reminder will at least (hopefully!) encourage people to knock before entering, giving you time to at least finish a sentence before letting them know you need five more minutes to write.
  2. Turn off notifications – I’m sure I’ve said this before, and I KNOW I’m not the first person you’ve heard this from because this really does work. Put your phone on airplane mode, and turn off notifications on your computer. You don’t need to respond to text the absolute minute you get them. I promise the world will continue on.
  3. Tell people you’re taking a few minutes to not respond. Whenever I go into serious writing mode, I let my husband know. Not only so he doesn’t interrupt my genius, but so he doesn’t feel like I’m not paying attention to him if he’s trying to talk to me and I’m trying to write the next great love scene.
  4. Turn off your wifi. This is the same thought as the notifications. No wifi, no Facebook, no Youtube, no cat videos, and no rabbit trails.
  5. Take half an hour one day to give yourself a good playlist. Sit yourself down when you have a half an hour of spare time and make yourself a playlist. Whether you use Spotify, Apple Music, whatever, compile the perfect list of songs that you can write to. The only requirements are a) songs you won’t skip every time they come online and b) songs that won’t distract you from writing.

How do you knock out distractions? I’d love to hear in the comments!


Alexis Truitt

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