Beach Themed Writing Prompts

Get writing with these four beach themed writing prompts!

On the first Monday of every month, I create a few writing prompts to help you get writing! You’ll see them here each month and on Instagram @thelexiconwritingblog every Monday.

Happy August! There are four Monday’s in August which means…four writing prompts! Summer is almost over but there’s still time for a few more summer themed prompts. Get writing this month and enjoy!

Here we go!

  1. Write the story of a freshly hatched turtle as he makes his way to the sea.
  2. *Challenge Prompt* Write a story that takes place on the beach. Describe the beach in vivid detail but don’t use any dialogue tags.
  3. Write the origin story of a s’more.
  4. Write a story including the words “seagull”, “beach ball”, and “jagged rocks”.

I hope the spirit of summer is showing up wherever you are the world. 🙂


Alexis Truitt

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