Best Posts for Plotting and Outlining Your WIP

One of the requests I get most frequently is “Help! I have no idea how to plot out my story!”

I hear you.

For the longest time, whenever I got a new story idea, I would end up writing a haphazard, messy outline. This outline never did much to help me and I ended up dropping several story ideas from poor plotting on my part.

Today, I thought I’d share a roundup of my favorite posts on plotting and outlining. These posts will help you know where your story is going, what you need to do to get your characters wherever they need to go, and give you peace of mind…so you’re not running around like a chicken with her head cut off trying to remember which land your characters need to go to to save the world from an evil overlord.

You can’t start outlining or writing your story without knowing where it’s going to end. I wrote a post on how to familiarize yourself with where you want to go and how to build your first chapter with that knowledge.

There’s a variety of ways to outline your novel. I have a post on my top three favorite outlines and how to use them to get to know your story. Emma covers the eight-sequence method in this post for a complete and detailed outline that breaks down each stage of your story. I wrote my three-step process to outline your story. Use it, love it, and get writing.

Sara has a great post on writing outlines for a variety of story types. It’s a great resource for plotting!

Kristen from Well-Storied has an awesome post on outlining. She covers everything you’ll need to plot and outline your story to prepare yourself to write. From your goals, plot arcs, getting to know your characters, setting and research, she’s covered it here.

My most favorite resource for outlining is Eva Deverell’s free outline guide. Sign up for her email list and delve in. That is a killer resource! I use it every time I start a new story.

Cheers friends!




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