Birthday Writing Prompts

The Lexicon Writing Blog turns 1! I'm sharing my favorite writing prompts from the year in this post! writing prompts | get writing

On the first Monday of every month, I create a few writing prompts to help you get writing! You’ll see them here each month and on Instagram @thelexiconwritingblog every Monday.

May 2017 marks The Lexicon Writing Blog’s one year anniversary! I can’t even believe it! Writing this blog has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve done all year and I’m so thrilled you all love it as much as I do.

In honor of that, I’m sharing my favorite writing prompts from the past year! Get writing this month. 🙂

Here we go!

  1. Write about a bird’s view from his spot sitting on a power line. What does he see? (From May 2016)
  2. You wake up in a bed that isn’t yours. Write about why and how you got there. (From May 2016)
  3. Write a poem about your relationship to your mirror. (From June 2016)
  4. Write about a “what if” summer experience. What if you had gone to camp? What if you had kissed the boy? What if you had followed the twinkling lights down the path? (From August 2016)
  5. Write the origin story of the Great Pumpkin from Charlie Brown. (From October 2016)
  6. Write a poem about the icy winter, using as many words for ice, snow, and dark as you can. (From January 2017)
  7. You can control how fast or slowly time moves. Write a scene where you slow down time and write a scene where you speed it up. (From March 2017)
  8. Take the two main characters in your current WIP and write six letters that pass between the two at a pivotal moment in your story. (From April 2017)
  9. Look out your window. Write a short story that takes places in the area you can see. (From April 2017)

Summer is just around the corner (seriously, when did that happen??) so use this springtime to spring yourself into a creative and writing-full summer!


Alexis Truitt

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