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Written Gifts: Words for Friends

Gift Ideas | Written Word Gifts | Written Gifts | Give the gift of words this Christmas with these five ideas.

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season are gift guides! It seems every blogger does some gift guide series or other and I thought it would be so fun to create a few for writers. Keep your eye’s peeled for a variety of gift guides for writers, whether they’re a pen-paper writer, a techie writer, or want to share their talent for words as a gift.

Do a quick Pinterest search and you’ll get thousands of results for DIY gifts. Some are terrible and some are actually really genius ideas. Some are incredibly easy to make and some are so complicated you’re impressed a person could actually make whatever-it-is rather than a machine.

And in this holiday season, gift giving takes high priority. If you’re anything like me and have a family and friends that are anything like mine, some people are easier to shop for than others. Continue Reading