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Five Resources to Get You Writing Up A Storm

If there’s anything I miss about school, it’s the amount that I wrote. If you major in anything related to English, Journalism, Creative Writing, or Communication in university, you’re practically guaranteed to write. A TON.

And up until this year, my three years in university had been the most productive period of my life. I was writing almost constantly (I guess being Editor in Chief of the newspaper and taking a ton of writing electives would do that).

I’ve mentioned this before on the blog, but it wasn’t until I started The Lexicon Writing Blog that I actually starting writing frequently again. I started TLWB mostly so I’d have an excuse to write every week! But here we are, a year and a half later and not only has this blog taken off in ways I never expected, but I’m also writing more than ever.

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Storyboarding to Start

Get writing by storyboarding the ideas in your head to paper

One of the things I’m asked all the time is “how do I start?” And this can be a tricky question to answer because no two writers will ever write the same way. The way we each need to tell our stories will differ from our experiences, how we write, and what we like to read.

But the structure is something that will exist for every writer, so today I wanted to share one of the best ways to get started: by storyboarding. Continue Reading

Make Money for Your Writing – Link Round Up

A link round up of articles on making money for your writing.

Money is a tough topic for writers. We all would love to be paid to write but isn’t getting paid to write negating our art? If we get paid, doesn’t that mean we’re selling out? But if we don’t get paid, why write?

These are hard questions that we each will have our own answers to, but today I thought I’d at least make one of those questions a little easier: how can we get paid to write. I’ve rounded up several of my favorite posts on various ways to get paid to write so dive in and get reading!

You thought I was going to say get writing, didn’t you? 😉

There are plenty of ways to make money as a writer, and most ways lead you a career where someone will pay you to write something you enjoy. Kristen has eight steps to a professional career on her blog.

If you’re hoping to go the route of traditional publishing, make sure your manuscript is up to snuff with this article. You can also ease your way into traditional publishing through work-for-hire assignments.

If you want to go the self-publishing route, you have to start your own publishing house. Most people find publishing through Kindle to be an easy option. You can use this great getting started guide too! And of course, you have to market it!

And of course, you can always freelance!




Four Creative Ways to Inform Your Readers

Clue your readers in to important story details with these elements.

Have you ever read a story that provides such a clear backstory that the characters become real? Or become so engaged and invest in a character’s life that it’s all you can do not to mourn when you finish the book?

They’re life changing, aren’t they? Those are the characters that stick with you, the ones that follow you from story to story, around your daily life, and in your dreams.

Every writer wants to write characters like that. Characters that stick. Continue Reading

How to Write When You’ve Exhausted All Your Options

Write even when it feels like you can’t.

No matter if you’ve been writing for years or today is your very first day attempting to write your story, getting started can be… difficult, the say the least. Even endlessly experienced writers face a blank page and an equally blank mind occasionally.

Don’t worry. It’s completely normal.

I’ve written plenty of posts before on getting started, fighting writer’s block, and give you monthly posts of writing prompts to help make it as easy as possible for you to get started.

But sometimes, no matter how many writing prompts you file away for a rainy day, no matter how many stories you have going at one time, no matter how many Pinterest boards of writing prompts you follow, it can still be a struggle to fill a blank page with words.

So today, I’m sharing a few ways you can find the motivation and inspiration you need to get writing, even if you’ve already spent an hour browsing prompts on Pinterest.

Don’t worry, I do it too. 🙂 Continue Reading

How to Improve Even If You Don’t Write Everyday

Engage with your WIP even if you can't write every day with these tips and practices.

You’ll see me say this over and over again: the more you write, the more you’ll improve. I encourage writing every day because writing is a lot like working out, eating healthy, or self-care: Consistency is key. As long you can get to your computer to write every day, even for five minutes, you’ll be helping your writing by leaps and bounds.

But I get it. Writing every single day can be really hard, especially when you have vacations, balancing schedules of kids and spouses, seeing family and friends, and other commitments to balance. Finding five minutes to brush your teeth can be hard!

But the rule still applies: consistency is key. Continue Reading