Finishing NaNo Strong…Even If You Didn’t Reach 50,000 Words

Even if you don't reach 50,000 words you can still finish NaNo successfully! Click through for more!

Can you believe NaNoWriMo is almost finished? It feels like it just started! But all good things must come to an end, and NaNo is one of them.

I wanted to write a post on finishing strong, but before I do that, I have a bit of a public service announcement.

I didn’t post a blog post last week or send out a Friday newsletter. This is partially because of the holiday weekend and also partially because I’ve been working on something for you.

Something that I’m pretty excited to share with you and that I think will make your writing life easier, more fun, and get you steps closer to your writing goals and dreams.

In a few weeks (the actual date is to be determined) I’ll be releasing my first ebook to the Writer’s Library, and you don’t want to miss it! How do you get access to the Writer’s Library?

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Like this ebook that I can’t even wait to share with you and that I spent almost all of last week working on.

But in the interim, let’s talk about the end of NaNoWriMo…have you finished already? Did you stop halfway through? Are wondering if you’ll ever get to 50,000 words by tomorrow??

Don’t panic. No matter how far behind you are, there’s still a way to finish successfully.

Now, successfully might actually mean NOT writing 50,000 words. It might be learning an important skill such as creating in-depth character, rich settings, or snappy dialogue. It might mean you’ve done research into what your writing goals are and how you want to reach them. It might mean that you learned what you can handle in a given day and what you cannot.

All of that is good. I would argue it’s just as good as writing 50,000 words in a month.

Sure, writing 50,000 words in a month is very impressive, especially to family and friends who will marvel at your writing prowess and ask when they’ll get to read the thing you just wrote.

For some people, the answer to their relative’s queries will be “never”.

But you get to be different.

Because maybe you learned about the different ways to publish a book during your whirlwind month of NaNoWriMo, you can say “Sure Grandma, you’ll probably be able to read it in a few years!” or “Thanks, Susan…I might ask you to beta read it when I get closer to publishing!”

Maybe you learned that you can easily write 500 words a day or work better writing scene to scene, instead of the pressure of 1667 words a day. Rather than rushing to finish a goal that you arbitrarily set, you’ll know exactly how you should work towards your dream of a complete novel because you’ll know how you work best.

Don’t let not reaching a fancy goal diminish the things you learn along the journey. Sometimes the lessons learned on the journey will influence you and your writing dreams more than any 50,000-word novel written in a month.

And for those of you who DID finish or WILL finish…you are rockstars. Don’t let this NaNoWriMo win be a one-time thing. You finished that book! It deserves to see the world and you deserve to share your story.

It’s your duty as the story’s author to get it out in the world. Whether you publish it traditionally or just pass along a Word document to your friends, get it out there. Let your story influence others.

Whether you create a New Year goal to edit and publish your book or you use the story as a jumping off point for a self-published career, you wrote 50,000 words in a month. The limits to what you can achieve no longer exist. You broke the barrier, so take advantage of it and push closer towards your writing dreams.

Cheers to the finish line!

Alexis Truitt

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