Getting Started Makes You Great

Getting started makes you great | Define your own success | Read this pick-me-up right now! |

Can we talk about success?

Success can be a bit of a taboo word. It evokes images of piles of money, private plans, and being in the Fortune 500. Just thinking about society’s version of success gives me a headache!

And as writers, success can feel particularly evasive. Becoming an author who is worth millions is a once in a lifetime chance…or impossible.

Success as an author often looks like a best-selling novel that gets turned into a movie, with several other notable books before or after, plus plenty of interviews and essays on writing. And if you’re dreaming of J.K. Rowling pillars of success…writer success also means you’re richer than the queen.

Which, let’s be honest…for the common writer, this can seem also impossible.

But here’s the thing about success: the only one who gets to decide what success is, is you.


Think it about it for a minute: Not all of us want celebrity, millions of dollars, or to be interviewed on the regular. Some of us just want to write…to write. Some of us want to write creative non-fiction, poetry, or short stories. Some of us don’t want movie producers coming anywhere near our novels!

And all of that is ok.

Success is something we each have to determine for ourselves. Whether we do want to be richer than the queen, or just be published in our local journal on regular occasions, both are equally successful. As long as you’re content with the success you’re aiming for, then you’ve already created success for yourself.

The really great thing about defining success for yourself is that once you’ve determined exactly what success for you looks like, you’re automatically letting go of the pressure to be the-next-big-thing.

Only you will know when you reach your own success and that’s exactly the way it should be.

But for all writers, no matter what success we’re aiming for, the same first step applies: get started.

No matter where you are on your writing journey today, no matter if you’ve written several novels, or nothing at all, you’ll be on your way to success by doing on simple thing:

Get started. Get writing. Sit down and crank out a few words. Then do it again tomorrow. And the next day. And the next.

Then keep getting started every day.

Getting started every day will make you great.



Alexis Truitt

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