Music and Lyrics: Writing Prompts and Music to Get You Writing

Use music to get writing! Writing prompts and music!

With Camp NaNo in full swing, I figured I’d do a shorter post on a fairly fun topic:

Writing and music.

If you find me writing, you’ll find me listening to music. The two go hand in hand like pb&j. I know a lot of writers are like this…music has a way of evoking emotions that can inspire and motivate us writers to better convey exactly what we want to say. Somehow listening to music can make it easier to write, whether you’re writing a battle scene or a romance.

I figured I’d round up a few music-based writing prompts to get your gears turning…use these for your Camp NaNoWriMo project or just when you’re lacking the inspiration to write!

Open up your music player of choice and let’s get writing!

Press play. Write the story behind the song that begins to play. Look up the lyrics if you have to, but don’t research theories as to why the song was originally written! Let it inspire you.

Pick one of your favorite artists. Pick your least favorite song of theirs and write a short story based on the song.

Pick one of your favorite artists. Turn on your favorite album of theirs and write the story behind all the songs on the album.

Play a 7 minute soundtrack song. Listen to it once, with your eyes closed. Listen to it again and jot down notes for a story. Listen to it a third time, and write the story for the song.

Pick a song that’s shorter than three minutes. Challenge yourself to write 500 words before the song is over.

Pick a song longer than 7 minutes. Challenge yourself to write 2000 words during the song.

Have fun with these and get writing!

Alexis Truitt

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