My Top Five Places for Inspiration

Need writing ideas? Want to write a new book? Check out my favorite places for inspiration!

The thrill of getting a new idea is one of my absolute favorite things. I LOVE getting a new idea that gives me goosebumps and a rush of adrenalin as I type or write out all the details that came to my head. It’s one of my favorite things about writing. That thrill is why I keep coming back for more.

Story generation is one of the best parts of writing. But it can be hard to come by. Today’s quick post will be the top five places I find inspiration.


1: Dreams

I don’t know about you, but when I dream, I have vivid dreams. Full on, sensory dreams. These are often the jumping off point for my stories and I’ve been able to build entire, complete worlds simply from the strange things that happen in my dreams. I keep a notebook by my bed specifically so I can write down any ideas that come to me. I may never write all of them, but when I’m stuck and want to write something new, I have a whole arsenal of ideas right next to my bed.


2: Writing Prompts

This is why I like writing prompts so much: at the very least, you get to write a little bit. At the most, you’ve got a whole new novel on your hands that could be the next big thing. Writing prompts put me through my paces, force me to think and write in new ways and with new ideas, and are some pretty incredible inspiration.


3: Pinterest

I mean, does this even need an explanation? You can search story prompts right off the bat, or if you know what sort of story you want but need plot ideas or character ideas, search a genre, like fantasy or sci-fi or history. You’ll get pins that could inspire you to write the next great novel of your favorite genre.


4: Conversation

The first novel I ever wrote, I Never Considered Copenhagen, was about a group of friends and their journey through early adult life. The title was inspired by a conversation I had with a friend who wanted to go to Copenhagen more than anywhere else. I said “huh…I’ve never considered Copenhagen before!” and thus my book, and it’s title, were born.

Pay attention to your own conversations and to the conversations of those around you. You never know what gems you’ll encounter.


5: What-Ifs

Oh gosh, I LOVE what ifs! The what-ifs can be fun, like what if cats could talk, or what if humans eradicated all diseases, or what if we colonized the moon, or whatever you can dream up. They can also definitely eat your brain, or drive you mad, but if you write them out, at least you’ll have a way to expend that energy! When something in life is bothering me, I’ll take the “what-if” and write a fictionalized story from whatever is plaguing me. Not only does it take care of me, I’ve also achieved my daily writing goal! Score!

What are your favorite places for inspiration?


Alexis Truitt

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