Nine Reasons to Participate in NaNoWriMo

On the fence about participating in NaNoWriMo? Here are my nine reasons why you may change your life.

Today is the day! NaNoWriMo 2016 officially starts today! Have you written your 1666 words yet??

Because NaNoWriMo can be time-consuming and energy consuming and creatively consuming, blog posts this month will be a bit shorter. I want to focus on giving you quick and easy tips, tricks, inspiration, and encouragement all month long to help you get writing and get your daily word count in (and to help me do the same :P).

So if you’re still on the fence about joining in the hectic, chaotic, exhilarating thrill of NaNoWriMo, here are the nine reasons everyone (whether or not you consider yourself a “writer”) should participate.

  1. We ALL have an idea for a book that hasn’t been written yet. It rolls around in our head and pokes at us when we don’t have our phone to distract us or when you’re waiting for a dentist appointment or daydreaming in a long car ride or airplane ride. It doesn’t matter if you want to write for a living or not, we all have a story idea. NaNo is your chance to get that story out on paper.
  2. We can ALL use a daily dose of accomplishment. Every day you sit down and write 1,666 words. Every day, you sit down at your computer or notebook and crank out words. Imagine how productive and accomplished you’ll feel. Compared to other tasks, writing just over 1500 words is a relatively small task, one that will make you feel like a #boss all day long.
  3. It will make you a better writer. Even if your normal amount of writing is an Instagram post and the occasional email, we can all afford to be better writers, in work and play. Sitting down to write a novel in a month takes brain power, and forethought, and consideration for where your words are taking you. It’s like a workout for your brain and your writing skills.
  4. When you win, you’ll have an accomplishment under your belt that most people don’t have: you’ve written a novel. Sure, it might never see the light of day, but who cares? Who wrote a whole story, complete with characters, plots, settings, and you used your imagination to create something from within you. Use that creative energy and go conquer the rest of your life!
  5. Taking on a challenge improves other areas of your life. By taking on one new task that challenges you, you’ll be looking at your world and your life in new ways. You’ll be inspired to see what else you can change, what other challenges you can conquer. Actually, doing NaNoWriMo does wonders for your self-esteem. And I probably speak for almost everyone when I say that we can all use a little self-esteem boost now and again right?
  6. NaNoWriMo gives you a chance to find a new community. Not only does the website offer forums where you can meet people from all over the world, but you also can be a part of a region. Your liaison will arrange for write-ins with other NaNo participants in your area. Many a friendship or romantic relationship has been started through NaNoWriMo.
  7. NaNoWriMo gives you something to look forward to. There’s a lot of hype surrounding NaNo, and the excitement is contagious. But even more exciting, is November 30. When it’s all over, when you’ve won and written over 50,000 words and created an amazing thing. As if the holiday season needs anything else to make it even better!
  8. One word: Prizes! Once you’ve won, you get special offers on amazing programs, physical copies of your book, opportunities for editing, and a variety of other goodies. Who doesn’t love prizes?
  9. NaNoWriMo will literally change your life. I’ve participated in NaNo five times and each time I’ve learned something new about myself, what I’m capable of, what I can create, and what I love. Every year, I participate in NaNoWriMo to remind me how much I love to write, to create stories, to tell the world something important. The challenge reminds me that I am capable of big things, that I can write a whole novel (several, in fact!) and that this is just the beginning of where I want my future to go. And I know so many other NaNos around the world feel the same.

I hope you’ll participate in NaNo this year. You won’t regret it. If you are, let me know in the comments!


Alexis Truitt


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