How to Stay Organized as a Writer: Part 1

Writing produces a LOT of material! Keep it together with these tips and tricks to manage your work. Visit the site for the full list!

Staying organized as a writer can be hard. If you’re like me, you write both on paper, and on the computer, so you have notes and thoughts and scenes and things to remember spread out all around your desk, your purse, your bedside table, your coffee table, the living room floor. And it’s not just physical notes either…your computer is probably stuffed with story ideas, lost outlines, character profiles, timelines, etc. No wonder we can feel so frazzled!

Getting organized, whether that means compiling all your notes for your stories, keeping track of your favorite resources, or simply making it easier for you to focus on writing when you sit down each day if vital to keeping up your momentum and your creativity.

Plus I just love organizing.

So in the spirit of spring cleaning (perhaps a little late, but whatever) let’s get organized! Continue Reading

Get Those Words Out! Writing When Time is Short

Writing on a time crunch is hard! Here are my 4 tips to making the most of the time you have and writing like a #badass. Click on over to the site for the tips!

One struggle I always have as a writer is some days, it’s just really hard to sit down and write out my personal daily quota. Either I don’t have time, or I’m lacking motivation, or I get to the end of the day and realize that everything else took my time and writing just didn’t happen. Does this ever happen to you?

These are the moments where I’m most susceptible to feeling like a failure. I didn’t fit in my quota, or I didn’t do big work on my book or my blog. These are also the moments where I have to remind myself of the most important thing I tell myself as a writer: Every little step will lead me to where I ultimately want to be. Don’t forget this, friends. Every little step will lead you to where you ultimately want to be. As long as you do something every single day, you’re making progress, whether it’s fleshing out a character, testing your conversation writing skills, editing a whole chapter in your book, or just writing a response to a random prompt for five minutes because that’s all you have time for. As long as we engage ourselves and write something, no matter what it is, we’ve done what we need to do to keep moving forward to our dreams.

But here’s where practicality kicks in: what do you write when you only have fifteen minutes? Ten minutes? Five minutes?

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May Writing Prompts

Need writing ideas? Here are five writing prompts to get you through the month of May! Click over to the site to see them all!

On the first Monday of every month, I create a few writing prompts to help you get writing! You’ll see them here each month and on Instagram @thelexiconwritingblog every Monday.

Happy May! There are five Monday’s in May which means…five writing prompts! Like always, submit your stories to contact (at) and I’ll pick one winner each month to feature on the blog! Continue Reading