July Writing Prompts

Start Camp Nanowrimo off with these writing prompts to get the creative juices flowing. Need inspiration for your Camp Nanowrimo goal? These four writing prompts will help.

On the first Monday of every month, I create a few writing prompts to help you get writing! You’ll see them here each month and on Instagram @thelexiconwritingblog every Monday.


Happy July! And Happy Birthday to the USA too! There are four Monday’s in July which means…four writing prompts! July is also CampNanowrimo so if you need a story idea to get you going, look no further. Continue Reading

Writing as An Act of Self-Love

Writing can be a selfish enterprise. But writing can also be the best act of self-love you could do for yourself.

Self love is something that took me a long to really understand. I first heard about self-love while working in a college dorm when I was 19 and, after years of thinking the values of humility and selflessness were all there was, the idea of self-love sort of went against everything else I had heard before.

I started to test out different practices, like meditation, mindfulness, journaling, forgiving myself, extending grace to others, being honest about what I wanted and what I felt.

It sounds silly, but I had to credit this new discovery of self-love as being an anchor for my writing. It became the thing that always helped me write!

Without a healthy bit of self-love, I wouldn’t be as in tune with myself, wouldn’t be as empathetic to others (or my characters!), and wouldn’t be as aware of the rest of the world as I am. Which all enables me to be a better writer.

When you listen in on people’s conversation on the bus attempting to be mindful, you can get some really good fodder for dialogue!

Just recently, I had set aside a day to write. This was a get shit done sort of day. I had my goal list, my to-do list, my what-to-do-if-I-had-spare-time list. I was all set. I dove in and breezed through a few blog posts and a bit of planning for TLWB.

And then I got the text. A good friend wanted to know if I’d be spontaneously free to hang out. Continue Reading

Common Writing Hang-Ups and How to Conquer Them ALL

Conquer Your Writing Hang Ups! From writer's anxiety, lack of motivation, writer's block, and procrastination, I've got you covered with a workbook and my longest blog post yet!

You guys, I had a really hard time sitting down and writing this blog post. I don’t what it was, whether I just didn’t have any motivation, or I just REALLY needed to clean my desk absolutelyrightnow, but this post had a hard time becoming a reality.

Which is ironic because today I’m writing about common hang-ups…the things that stop us from actually sitting down and writing.

That never happens to you, dear writer…right???

Today, we’re going to face those hang-ups head on…exactly like our heroic main characters face their demons and charge into battle! Continue Reading

Top 3 Blogs for Fiction Writers

Need inspiration, ideas, or just a kick in the rear? Get writing with my favorite blogs for fiction writers!

There is a wealth of information for writers. Whether or fiction, non-fiction, poetry, haiku, or song, there’s something on the internet for you.

Today I wanted to do a quick round-up of my favorite blogs for fiction writers. These are the places I go when I need help with my story, my plot, my setting, my MP, or I just need a bit of encouragement to keep going. Check them out, give them some love, and may they inspire you to get writing! Continue Reading

Genre Study: Historical Fiction – Tips and Tricks to Master Historical Writing

Want to try writing historical fiction? Need help with getting your story off the ground? Click through for all the details on this fun and enlightening genre!

If I had to pick a favorite genre, I’d have to pick historical fiction. So it made sense to start off my new series on literary genres with my favorite!

Each month, I’ll write about a different genre: what defines it, what challenges come up, common literary devices, and some additional resources to help you on your journey.

And like I said, today we’re starting with historical fiction! I love nothing more than getting swept away to a time period different from my own. Getting immersed in a time and place that I’m not familiar with is one of my favorite things as a reader and in fact, one of my favorite parts of reading! Historical fiction does this well, by bringing the reader along for a journey in a time we’ll never experience.

They always make me wish time-travel was a reality.

So what IS historical fiction anyways?? Continue Reading

How to Stay Organized as a Writer: Part 2

Get a handle on all your paper! Sort your story notes and file away your worksheets with my tips on staying organized. Click through to check them out!

Welcome to Part 2 of TLWB’s Getting Organized Series! This week we are working on my favorite thing to organize: paper!

Don’t worry, I am fully aware that the above sentence is a weird one.

I was always one of those kids who liked playing school, because of all the amazing worksheets (reasons why there are so many on this blog) and calendars and bulletin boards. I loved it.

So now, as a writer, sometimes I have to remind myself that just because I’m a writer doesn’t entitle me to all the pretty paper products…

Nevermind…being a writer totally entitles me to ALL the pretty paper products!

Maybe that’s where I get that uncanny ability of constantly acquiring paper, notebooks, pens, workbooks, note paper, stickers, sticky notes, cute erasers…

Today, we’re going to corral all our paper products/ writing materials/ supplies/ etc and get down and dirty to get our paper in order!

So we’ll start with the easy bit first… Continue Reading