Beach Themed Writing Prompts

Get writing with these four beach themed writing prompts!

On the first Monday of every month, I create a few writing prompts to help you get writing! You’ll see them here each month and on Instagram @thelexiconwritingblog every Monday.

Happy August! There are four Monday’s in August which means…four writing prompts! Summer is almost over but there’s still time for a few more summer themed prompts. Get writing this month and enjoy! Continue Reading

How to Write When You’ve Exhausted All Your Options

Write even when it feels like you can’t.

No matter if you’ve been writing for years or today is your very first day attempting to write your story, getting started can be… difficult, the say the least. Even endlessly experienced writers face a blank page and an equally blank mind occasionally.

Don’t worry. It’s completely normal.

I’ve written plenty of posts before on getting started, fighting writer’s block, and give you monthly posts of writing prompts to help make it as easy as possible for you to get started.

But sometimes, no matter how many writing prompts you file away for a rainy day, no matter how many stories you have going at one time, no matter how many Pinterest boards of writing prompts you follow, it can still be a struggle to fill a blank page with words.

So today, I’m sharing a few ways you can find the motivation and inspiration you need to get writing, even if you’ve already spent an hour browsing prompts on Pinterest.

Don’t worry, I do it too. 🙂 Continue Reading

How to Improve Even If You Don’t Write Everyday

Engage with your WIP even if you can't write every day with these tips and practices.

You’ll see me say this over and over again: the more you write, the more you’ll improve. I encourage writing every day because writing is a lot like working out, eating healthy, or self-care: Consistency is key. As long you can get to your computer to write every day, even for five minutes, you’ll be helping your writing by leaps and bounds.

But I get it. Writing every single day can be really hard, especially when you have vacations, balancing schedules of kids and spouses, seeing family and friends, and other commitments to balance. Finding five minutes to brush your teeth can be hard!

But the rule still applies: consistency is key. Continue Reading

Summer Travel Writing Prompts

Get writing this month with prompts all about summer travel. Test your writing skills and get better every day!

On the first Monday of every month, I create a few writing prompts to help you get writing! You’ll see them here each month and on Instagram @thelexiconwritingblog every Monday.

July is here and that means summer! My husband and I, along with some of our best friends took a trip to Southern Oregon a few weeks ago for a bit of relax time and it was so rejuvenating and inspiring. This month’s writing prompts are inspired by summer travel. Continue Reading

Best Posts for Plotting and Outlining Your WIP

One of the requests I get most frequently is “Help! I have no idea how to plot out my story!”

I hear you.

For the longest time, whenever I got a new story idea, I would end up writing a haphazard, messy outline. This outline never did much to help me and I ended up dropping several story ideas from poor plotting on my part.

Today, I thought I’d share a roundup of my favorite posts on plotting and outlining. These posts will help you know where your story is going, what you need to do to get your characters wherever they need to go, and give you peace of mind…so you’re not running around like a chicken with her head cut off trying to remember which land your characters need to go to to save the world from an evil overlord. Continue Reading