The Ultimate POV Guide Part 3: Genders and Ages

One of the most intimidating parts of writing from different POV’s are the different genders and ages a character can be. Both of these strongly influence how the story is told and lend towards different details.

It can be overwhelming to attempt to write from a man’s perspective if you’re a woman or vice-versa and it can be difficult to write in the simplicity of a child’s POV. So today, we’re delving into that trickery and hopefully, this post will give you a few jumping off points to guide you as your write your characters. Continue Reading

The Ultimate POV Guide Part 2: Multiple POVs

Do you ever wish you could get into the heads of multiple characters in a story? I know I do, which is why I love stories with multiple POVs. But these stories can be tricky to write because you’re balancing not only perspective, but personality, self-reflection, and biases.

Basically, you have to write from multiple brains at one time, which is… intimidating.

Luckily, that’s what this post is all about! This is the second in our four-part series on POV. Continue Reading

Fall Themed Writing Prompts

On the first Monday of every month, I create a few writing prompts to help you get writing! You’ll see them here each month and on Instagram @thelexiconwritingblog every Monday.

Happy October! There are five Monday’s in October which means…five writing prompts! Fall is officially in the air here in Oregon. There’s rain, there are leaves changing color, and finally, finally, finally there are temperatures below 65 degrees. It’s paradise folks.

Here we go!

  1. Write the story of the marketing professional who created “fall”. How did pumpkin spice become such a big deal? You write the story.
  2. *Challenge Prompt* Write the story of the creation of the seasons. Create your own legend or myth describing how the seasons came to be.
  3. Do a bit of research on the history of Halloween. Write the story of a character related to the history of the holiday.
  4. Write the story of a family celebrating the Day of the Dead. Include lots of family history.
  5. Write the story of the costume you would wear if people truly saw you as you are.

I hope inspiration finds you wherever you are. 🙂


The Ultimate POV Guide Part 1: What is POV?

Every time you read a story, you’ll find yourself at the mercy of the narrator. Whether wrong or right, the point of view of the story can influence your leanings, your opinions of characters, and even the enjoyment of the story itself.

Which is probably why lots of writers obsess and panic over what POV to tell their story in. It’s a lot of pressure for a part of the story-writing-process that seems fairly nondescript.

But don’t worry. That’s what we’re going to do in this new series: we’re going deep into POV. And into deep POV… It’s going to be a trip! Continue Reading

Five Resources to Get You Writing Up A Storm

If there’s anything I miss about school, it’s the amount that I wrote. If you major in anything related to English, Journalism, Creative Writing, or Communication in university, you’re practically guaranteed to write. A TON.

And up until this year, my three years in university had been the most productive period of my life. I was writing almost constantly (I guess being Editor in Chief of the newspaper and taking a ton of writing electives would do that).

I’ve mentioned this before on the blog, but it wasn’t until I started The Lexicon Writing Blog that I actually starting writing frequently again. I started TLWB mostly so I’d have an excuse to write every week! But here we are, a year and a half later and not only has this blog taken off in ways I never expected, but I’m also writing more than ever.

How? Continue Reading

Back To School Writing Prompts

On the first Monday of every month, I create a few writing prompts to help you get writing! You’ll see them here each month and on Instagram @thelexiconwritingblog every Monday.

Happy September! There are four Monday’s in September which means…four writing prompts! School is back in season, there are new pencils and notebooks being used all over the world, and inspiration is at its peak. Get writing this month and enjoy!

Here we go!

  1. Write the story of a child’s first day at Kindergarten from three different POVs: the child’s, the mother’s, and the teachers.
  2. *Challenge Prompt* Write a story of two friends meeting for the first time. Convey emotion and heart and reflection. Don’t use dialogue tags.
  3. Write a list of your least favorite and most favorite parts of school. Then write a story featuring a character whose favorites are your least favorites and whose least favorites are your favorites.
  4. Write a story including the words “backpack”, “Debate Team”, and “cafeteria”.

I hope inspiration finds you wherever you are. 🙂