Restarting Your Writing Goals…a.k.a. You Are Not a Robot

Restart Your Writing Goals | Recommit to Your Goals

Sometimes I need to give myself a pinch and remind myself that I am not a robot.

Anyone else?

When it comes to my writing, I want to be able to do all.the.things. But sometimes, because life has a way of being complicated, surprising, and…well…life, I can’t do all the things.

Which is really disappointing for the Type A personality that I am, who plans a week on the Thursday prior, and loves crossing things off a checklist more than many other important and normal things that could bring me joy.

But crossing things off checklists brings me joy and I’ll pull a Marie Kondo and say dammit I’ll keep it!

But then, again, I remind myself that in fact, I am not a robot. I physically can’t do all.the.things. I live in the real world, not the ones I create (although that would be BOMB), and I still need to eat, and sleep, and see friends and family. I need to do these things so I can write well.

I am not a robot. Neither are you.

And sometimes not being a robot means restarting and revamping your writing goals. Which can be disappointing, and frustrating. But I promise,

So let’s pretend that February is actually the start of 2017 and reacquaint ourselves with our grandiose visions for the year!


Take Stock of What You’ve Achieved

The first place to start with any restart is to take stock of what already is. As writers, it’s important to look back and see what we accomplished in a given time frame, say the month of January. I’m sure many of you are nodding your heads when I say that I didn’t accomplish as much as I’d wanted to during the first month of the year, BUT that doesn’t mean the month didn’t have its accomplishments.

Write these accomplishments down so you can see them on paper. Whether you did something big like publish a book or something small like write a short story or something even smaller like outline a new story, write everything down on paper.

See, last month wasn’t so bad was it?


Refresh Yourself on Your Big Goals

It’s so important to keep your goals front and center. If you aren’t seeing your goals every day, make it happen! I wrote a blog post all about this here. This will literally change how your approach every day and will get you moving towards your dreams sooner, faster, and more efficiently!

Every month, sit down and see how much progress you’ve made on your goals, what more you need to do, what held you back, and what succeeded. Write it down so you can have it as a reference.

What were your big goals for the year? Look them over, rewrite them, create a vision board, whatever you need to do to feel inspired again.


Pick One Goal to Work On

Keep it simple. Pick one big dream to work on this next month. Just one.

Remember, you’re not a robot. You can’t do all.the.things.


Break It Down Now

Break down your goal into small, manageable steps. You can even divide them up to one or two a day throughout the month if you want. Write out each step in order and keep that list somewhere you’ll see it every day.


Remind Yourself Again That You Aren’t a Robot

And keep reminding yourself. You’ll make more progress by taking care of yourself than by running yourself ragged. Truly.


Get To Work

Then, of course, the most important part. Get writing! Sit down every day and write. Remind yourself of your goals and dreams constantly. Dream big dreams. Listen to podcasts or read books to inspire you to continue working hard. It’s all reachable if you break it down and give yourself grace for the journey.


Good luck rehashing out your goals for February!


Alexis Truitt

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