Tech Loving Writer’s Gift Guide

For the tech-loving writer in your life. Here are five gifts that they'll love.

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season are gift guides! It seems every blogger does some gift guide series or other and I thought it would be so fun to create a few for writers. Keep your eye’s peeled for a variety of gift guides for writers, whether they’re a pen-paper writer, a techie writer, or want to share their talent for words as a gift.

We’re starting off with the tech-loving writer’s gift guide! For all your writer friends (or yourself) who love nothing more than a blank white screen just waiting to be filled, love gadgets to make writing on the go easier, or just love their electronics looking fabulous, this is the gift guide for them!

  1. External Battery Pack for iPhone – Especially if you rely on your phone for your calendar, storing writing prompts, or even accessing Google Drive to work on your WIP while on the road, a backup battery is a huge help!
  2. Scrivener  – The best writing software on the market. People swear by it and you’ll make any writer happy by gifting this to them.
  3. iPad Mini Keyboard – Like the battery pack, but a bit more friendly for typing on the go. Or on an airplane…or in the car…or waiting for a meeting to start.
  4. Metallic keyboard decals – Because if you spend so much time at your computer, you might as well have a beautiful space. Any writer will appreciate these metallic keyboard decals to brighten up the computer they use every day.
  5. Portable Photo Printer – because sometimes you want to take inspiration with you or capture inspiration on the road. Writer’s Conferences, settings you just have to recreate in your story, etc.

What are your must-have tech gifts this holiday season?


Alexis Truitt

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