The Mid-Month NaNo Slump

Keep writing.

NaNoWriMo goes through phases: the exhilaration of starting, the slow drag of the middle of the month, and the elation of finishing your 50,000 words.

The hardest part by far is the mid-month slump. Especially if you live in the States, you also have Thanksgiving and the start of the Christmas season and there goes all your time to write or think about writing or dream about writing.

But the slump is where true writers are made. If you can get through the slump, you can get through anything your writing life will throw at you.

As you reach the middle of the month, keep writing. Don’t let yourself miss out on the opportunity to write your novel and tell your story.

So for this ending to another short post: keep on keeping on.

Alexis Truitt

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