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One of the things I’ve most enjoyed as a blogger in the writing community is the HUGE amount of incredible information out there to help writers. I’ve learned so much from my fellow writers and my writing has improved, simply by reading their posts and taking in their knowledge and experiences.

One clear positive trend I’ve noticed in my writing is how much my characters have improved. In all my stories, my characters have grown, changed, and become dynamic people I really love. But this isn’t an easy tast.

So I wanted to do something a little different today: here’s a roundup post of some of my absolute favorite blog posts and articles on character development and creation. Dig in and get to creating those incredible characters!

Naming characters is one of my favorite things and almost always where I begin when it comes to creating characters…Victoria from Something Delicious has a great post on finding the perfect name for your characters!

Faye has a post on getting into your character’s head that doesn’t involve you filling out pages and pages of a character profile.

I don’t know about you but I love any sort of personality profile, just so I can get to know myself better. Knowing the personality profiles of your significant other, your family members, your friends, and your characters is helpful information to have in life. I love this post from Victoria on using the Myers-Briggs types to help you write your characters.

I wrote a post on creating emotional depth in your characters and it’s one of my most popular posts to date. I detail the exact things your characters need to resonate with your readers.

Kristen from Well-Storied wrote a great post with tips on discovering your characters’ voices. There’s even tips on writing in multiple POVs!

Rachel wrote on how to write character driven plots, which is a must read for anyone wanting to focus on character in their story.

Kristen also wrote an incredible post on crafting strong character arcs that will have you writing strong characters with believable motivations and personalities like nobody’s business.

Good luck writing awesome characters! I hope these posts help!


Alexis Truitt


  1. Oh, hey! I couldn’t wait to check out this post because I’m a HUGE character nerd, and then I saw that you linked to a few Well-Storied articles. I’m so honored. Thanks for the shout-out, Alexis!

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