Weird Ways to Get Your Word Count

We’re about halfway through NaNo (is anyone else freaking out? I’m kinda freaking out) so I thought I’d take a break from writing my WIP to share a short post.

Essentially this is the list I go to when I need ideas for how to get my word count in, ways to express different emotions in my writing, or just fun additions for story and character depth. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t.

But when you’re aiming to get your 1667 words per day in, they’re sure to help!

  • Write a journal entry in your main character’s perspective
  • Write a letter to or from an important character
  • Write a paragraph about a character’s thoughts and reflections on something someone said
  • Write a detailed description of where your character is. Use your adjectives!
  • Write a flashback to your character’s favorite memory
  • Write a flashback to a pivotal moment in your character’s history
  • Write a myth or legend from your story’s world
  • Write the history of a significant location
  • Make like Tolkien and wax poetic about trees
  • Let your character’s ramble
  • Write a scene that maybe won’t actually end up in the story (like a scene between two characters in love, or a scene between a parent and child).
  • Think… is there a love story you aren’t writing but should be?
  • Think… is there a friendship that needs to happen but isn’t?
  • Think… is there somewhere you want to take your characters, but haven’t figured out how to get them there?
  • Think… is there any important information you haven’t revealed yet that you should?
  • Tell a scene from another character’s perspective
  • Change POV’s and see what happens
  • Change setting and see what happens
  • Write a scene from the POV of a character’s family member or partner or best friend to gain insight into the character themselves.
  • Go back through what you’ve already written and think about what you can add:
    • Description
    • Setting details
    • Dialogue
    • Movement
    • Reflection
    • Emotion

Good luck!

Alexis Truitt

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